Hairstyles By Stacia at Believe Salon

Cary, NC

​Hairstyles by Stacia is a Curly Hair Salon.​ I am on a mission to help you become educated on how to achieve healthier, shinier and more manageable curly hair. I use water soluble products to help you obtain the most hydrated hair possible. I cater to all types of curls, waves, and super curly hair. I am here to help you fall and stay in love with your hair. It gives me joy to help you start your unique Curly Journey.

Our Stylists

Deva Inspired Stylist


A Deva Inspired Stylist is a curl specialist who has completed our entry-level, hands-on course.

Stacia Sellers

  • DevaCut
  • Pintura Highlighting
  • No-Poo Transformation Service
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