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New York, NY

One of the things we love most about curly hair is that no two curls are alike. We opened Devachan Salon to celebrate your unique curls in a lively, supportive environment that's always buzzing with curly conversation. Our salons are a place for you to hang out, chat, have fun and feel great about your hair. Come in, have a seat and tell us everything.



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Waste of Money

by Siobhan on September 14, 2017

I got my Deva Cut here. First, she was running late. Second, I had very long and healthy hair so I just wanted to add layers and bangs. She cut my hair to above my shoulders after mentioning many times I wanted to keep my length. Third, the styling job was horrible. My hair had no volume and looked dry and matted. The next day my hair looked like I had locs. Will never go back to this location!

Terrible Stylist Service!

by Xena on September 11, 2017

It was my first time at a Deva Salon. Perhaps my expectations were too high, but considering the price, it should have been top notch. Of course it WAS NOT!! My stylist was Nicolle. The first thing I asked her was if I should have a hair cut. She told me that she is only a color stylist and that I needed to book a consultation with someone who cuts hair... Well it did not make sense for her to do my hair in the 1st place since I was no where near getting a color treatment. I did not enjoy the service AT ALL.The only nice person in that Salon is Jennifer at the reception desk- that's the only reason I bothered to give this one star.Bottom line- the stylist should be more informative to the client because we pay big bucks for this....

I didn't know my hair looked like this!

by Heather on July 13, 2017

Lydia gave me an expert cut and literally transformed what I thought was just big, frizzy hair with a bit of a wave into adorable loose curls that I've literally never had before in my life. I did not know my hair could look like this.

It's not for every type of hair

by Taisha on March 05, 2017

I walked in to devachan salon at 8:45 my appointment was at 9 am with a lady named litia who came to me at 9:05 she wasn't able to get my hair curly plus she ened my session at 9:45 my hair was hard in the inside and straight on the outside also puff main while I walked in with my hair curly.she knew she couldn't curl my hair and that I was unhappy and they still charged me $50 I had to go somewhere else and get my hair done ... wouldn't be returning back to devachan.

Not worth the money

by Joanne on January 01, 2017

Maybe I wasn't clear enough but my the woman who cut my hair did not seem to understand what I was looking for in the style of my curls. They provided me with helpful hints in dealing with my hair and I never felt pressured to buy the products they suggested. However, my regular stylist at a different salon who is not trained in the deva method gives me a better cut at half the price. I wont be returning.

Best decision

by Jen on December 28, 2016

I was skeptical of spending this amount of money and having someone new work on my hair but it is the best decision I have made for my hair. The salon is beautiful and the stylists all have beautiful hair, even the receptionist! It was a very relaxing and educational experience. I look forward to going back regularly. It is definitely worth every penny. Before I went I had been going natural without heat for a year and I should have gone sooner. I was very disillusioned with the no heat process as my hair was dry and frizzy but after the cut and the lesson on how to style I feel more confident and have never loved my hair more!


by Leena on August 12, 2016

Before I made my appointment, I asked the receptionist if the DevaCurl method worked for my hair type. She reassured me that it did. I have natural hair, a lot of it. The strands are fine, and the curl pattern is tight and irregular.Surprise! It didn't work and there wasn't enough time for the appointment. My stylist started to rush through the finger-combing when she realized how much hair I have, and I left with my hair still wet. During the cut and wash, I expressed my concerns multiple times and was told it would be fine. When my hair finally dried later that day, it was more or less a giant knot. I had to get it cut and detangled at a different salon later that week and was out another $200. The worst part is when I called to discuss a refund, the manager blew me off, stopped responding to voicemails or taking my calls. Boo, hiss! If you're black, go to a salon that actually knows our hair type.

Fresh Look

by Christina on August 05, 2016

Had my first curly cut at this salon and loved the outcome. Julie cut my 3c/4a natural locks into a beautiful scarlette cut (meaning longer on the crown and shorter, but not shaved, on the sides and in the back). I've received compliments on the cut almost every week since I got it. Julie was personable and explained to me how to take care of my locks to keep them hydrated. I felt pampered and educated during my salon visit. Looking forward to going back for a trim very soon. Great experience!

Helix is amazing!!

by Sonia M on April 22, 2016

I've never had my natural curls look so good!! Helix (stylist) listened to what I wanted, explained to me what I needed to change w/my hair routine and taught me how to style it. PLUS - I got the best hair wash/conditioning ever!! If you have out of control curls go see Helix. I traveled all the way from MA and it was well worth the travel, time & money. Great experience.

Best hair cut and color--ever

by ellen gerber on December 10, 2015

Jackie perfectly styled my thining hair and somehow transferred my poorly expressed hope for a hair style into reality. Larry, as always, is a perfect colorist--and creating natural red hair is no easy feat.

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