Curl Theory

Bowie, MD

If you’ve ever dreamed of finding a salon that caters exclusively to your natural hair care needsA salon that prioritizes your hair health above all elseA salon that was founded by a curly girl,And exists to serve the whole wide world of curls—From our gorgeous, wiry, self-minded coilsTo our luscious, loose, liberating wavesAnd every conceivable curl pattern in betweenThen you’ve found your hair home.A haven just for you and your curls.You’ve found your Curl Theory.curl theory = believe in + embrace + the beauty of natural hair

Our Stylists

Deva Inspired Stylist


A Deva Inspired Stylist is a curl specialist who has completed our entry-level, hands-on course.

Ny Kenya Chamberlain

  • DevaCut
  • No-Poo Transformation Service

Adrianne Dunn

  • No-Poo Transformation Service
  • DevaCut
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