Primp - A Full Service Salon

Winter Park, FL

Primp is a full Salon and Spa in the heart of Winter Park, FL. We carry the DevaCurl line as well as the entire Aveda line. We have 2 Advanced Deva Stylists on staff. The salon is beautiful and relaxing; come see us!



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by Celenia on April 09, 2016

Just left the salon after a "deva cut". I had a picture of the style I wanted. Angela spent 2 seconds to ask me what I wanted and looking at the picture. She cut MUCH more than what I wanted. I wanted a layered cut that was long on the sides and tampered in and I left with a mushroom cut pretty much. I'm so upset! And to my dissatisfaction I was met with " do you want me to take more off from here " ? Absolutely not!!!! That's the whole problem! Angela should spend more time consulting with the client to see Exactly what is it they want and tell them in advance if you will have to cut off more then what they are expecting! I'm so enraged, worst mistake. If you are looking for a deva curl stylist in the Orlando area do yourself a favor and skip over this salon and pick another one or else you will be dissatisfied like I am in the review above me - don't do it!!


by Amanda on April 03, 2016

I just started getting the deva curl cut. Mallory at Primp does it and she is fantastic! My curl had started to pull out and for the most part my hair was straight. I wore my hair straight for years, and she finally talked me into trying it. And I did!!!!! I haven't straightened my hair since! The cut is perfect and so is everything.


by Melissa on March 03, 2016

I saw Mallory. Been getting my hair deva cut for the last 8 years. New to the area so found Primp from this site. Explained that I needed a few layers, as longer hair tends to just pull out my curls. She did dry cut my hair but in NO WAY was this a deva cut! With deva the individual curls are picked up and cut via the curl pattern. This was a traditional cut, done on dry hair. This is the worst cut I've had ever. The hair around my face is SIX inches shorter than my back and it's not a gradual layer either, it's a blunt, six inch difference. I should have known when she kept talking about still having her stylist "head" from school. 8 years of curl care ruined in minutes. shm

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