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Thornhill, ON

All appointments are booked through 416-402-9302 Located in the heart of Thornhill, the goal is to bring out the best in your curls while offering a relaxing environment to learn how to care for your curls so you'll have that just-out-of-the-salon look every day.   Adina has over thirteen years' experience in the hair industry and was trained in New York City at Devachan by Lorraine Massey.  There she learned the art of dry cutting techniques and Pintura.  She honed her skills through working at salons that specialize in curly hair and decided to branch out on her own in 2013. Voted Best Curls For Girls Thornhill Post 2013 and 2014 Voted Top 10 Curly Hair Salons Blog T.O. 2014 The majority of curly girls who walk through the door of the studio are in ''hair despair''. Whether the damage be from iron abuse, bad cuts, over processing, excessive curl dehydration, or any combination of these issues, Adina wants to help you get your hair to its best state! ''I will be truthful and honest with realistic goals and expectations based on the current state of your hair. It may not happen over night, but I will be there for you every step of the way.''

Our Stylists

Deva Advanced Stylist


A Deva Advanced Stylist is a curl-focused pro who has attended the DevaCurl Academy and completed our advanced level, hands-on course.

Adina Sherman

  • DevaCut
  • No-Poo Transformation Service
  • Pintura Highlighting
  • Super Curly DevaCut
  • Super Curly No-Poo Transformation Service
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