Posts Written OnJuly 2016

Have You Ever Been Curl Shamed?

Curl Shamed - Featured Hero Image

When I was little, I was called Cousin It, you know, from the Addams family. I was also told that one could mop the floor with my hair, that I was a poodle, and that I looked like I had been electrocuted.

And that was just my mother.

Kids in school, they were just as nice, let me tell you. But this is a struggle every curly girl is familiar with. It seems to be impossible for someone to not have an opinion on our texture.

Can I just ask – why?! Why is it your business? Why do you care?

Happy FroDay with FroGirlGinny

FroDay - Featured Hero Image

I started FroDay because I wanted to spread a message of love and acceptance with women around the world (learn about that journey here). This day is a celebration of the connection that we have with our curls. But it also a celebration of the beautiful way our hair connects us to each other. This summer, I’m inviting you to join DevaCurl and me, in both New York and Los Angeles, to be a part of FroDay.

It’s going to be a magical event! The pros at DevaCurl will host a station to learn about caring for your fro, there will also be a flower-filled fro-styling station, the chance to win so many goodies, and incredible vibes (not to mention, and AMAZING goody bag).

I’m so excited for all of the amazing pictures which will be taken, the warm atmosphere, and the positive energy. It’s going to be an incredible opportunity for our community to connect over our curls. Scroll down or click here to get your tickets to this amazing event!