Beaucage Salon and Spa

Beaucage Salon and Spa

DevaCurl Salon
Since 2014


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Some stylists who work at this salon are Deva Inspired. A Deva Inspired stylist is a professional who loves working with curls, and has completed a hands-on curl course.  To find the right Deva Inspired stylist for you, read stylist profiles and reviews, then call the salon to ask questions or to set up a consultation. After your visit, please feel free to come back and rate your experience.  

Deva Inspired Stylist

Elizabeth Hayley
Troy Myers
Henry Stonie
Dean Boudreau
Janelle Parker
Jeanne Conlon
Alejandra Grasso

Deva Inspired Advanced Stylist

Jackie Liakopoulos
Beaucage Salon and Spa

71 Newbury Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
phone: 617-734-7171


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